What is MAAC?
• The Missouri Appraisers Advisory Council or MAAC was formed in 1991 to bring a voice
to appraisers Missouri in Missouri for legislative and administrative concerns.
• MAAC was initially formed by a joint effort of chapters of the various professional
appraisal organizations throughout Missouri.
• Under Missouri law, MAAC has an advisory roll to provide recommendations to the
Governor for appointments to the Missouri Real Estate Appraisers Commission.
• Since its inception, MAAC has been the voice of the professional appraiser in Missouri.
What does MAAC do to achieve its purpose?
• MAAC employs a legislative consultant to keep informed of any pertinent bills in the
Missouri Legislature and to influence those actions to the benefit of all appraisers in
• It has been MAAC over the years that worked tirelessly to represent the best interests
of appraisers in the State of Missouri in support of beneficial legislation or in opposition
to proposed legislation that would be contrary to the public trust and interfere with
appraiser’s ability to act impartially, objectively and independently.
• MAAC has regular contact with the MREAC through the Executive Director who attends
the MAAC meetings.
• MAAC is the “go to” organization for input on appraisal related matters for other stakeholders
and related interests with respect to real estate issues.
What will your membership investment in MAAC do for you?
• Your support will help MAAC to continue to make sure the voice of appraisal professionals is
• Give you a means to become more aware and stay informed of pertinent changes, trends,
and policies in Missouri that affect appraisers.
• Give you a means to have your views represented with legislators and appraiser regulators.
• Give you a means to be more involved in the appraisal profession and have your voice heard
on issues of concern to you.
• Facilitating your ability to network with other Missouri appraisal professionals interested in
the legislative and regulatory climate affecting our profession.
• Receive discounts for MAAC offered continuing education conference.
• Be given a preferential listing in MAAC’s on-line appraisal directory.
A Sponsoring Membership in MAAC amounts to an annual investment of $50.


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